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Benefits of Soda Onsen & Minerals Essence.
An onsen is a Japanese hot spring public baht that inherited for thousands of years. Japan history revealed that Samurai used onsen to heal their wounds since 17th century in which the medical benefits were proven. This traditional passed to the common people in mid 20th century and became a major parts of their lifestyle. Over 3,000 hot springs and various types of spa in Japan, we elect the top 3 prestige quality onsen for our clients to nourish your body and enjoy the tranquility of the private tub.



Soda onsen is the most finest onsen contain the tiny molecules of carbon dioxide bubble that benefit everyone in many ways.
• Remove all dirt and chemicals from your hair and skin, leave you the PH balance as a result of glow skin, silky and shining hair.
• Stimulating the blood circulation, promote the skin elasticity, strength and beauty skin tone.
• Relax mentally and physically, unlock the stressful day – ease to greater energy.


Beppu Mineral Essence from the capital hot springs in Japan – The Blue therapy.
All greater natural minerals turns the water into greenish-blue color as for beautifying and healthful onsen baht. Hot minerals water helping on detoxifying while the combination of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium and Manganese work as anti-aging substance and support the elasticity and strength of hair, nail and skin.


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Kusatsu Mineral Essence from the best onsen in Japan – The white reborn. Acidity of the volcanic springs turn the water into the white- milky color. Sulfur, Silica, Selenium and Radium in minerals essence complex repute to have the therapeutic benefits on the acne and bacteria cleansing. The acidity of the essence also helping on rejuvenating the skin and boosting the natural collagen to recovering the renewal of you beauty.

Our mission is to be the primitive one presenting the future best onsen. We are constantly looking for the approved best quality spa essence, and the better onsen innovations for our clients.Allow the today best soda onsen and minerals essence embrace around your body, for more beauty and well-being of the continuous use. Discover new you in not just an onsen, but in private baht tub at Kashakiri Urban Retreat





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